"The wonderful team at Aspire has helped me obtain my weight loss goals.  I've lost 24 pounds in the past 5 months with personal training, classes, and lifestyle changes.  Aspire is more than a gym, they are genuine people who care about you, your health, and obtaining your goals."

- Molly S

"With Aspire's personal attention and customized exercises I have been able to get better results in a month than all my years working out at the gym. I perform better, I look better and I feel great."

- Jack B

"Aspire trainers will inspire anyone to feel better and live longer. The equipment is fun and the studios are perfect."

- Mimi and Ed F


"All attention is directed to the client. Trainer gets to know client and his/her motivation. It's the only way I workout, with a trainer there to observe and support me, and make sure that I get the most out of every motion."

- Melissa K


"Their knowledge, attention to detail, compassion, and dedication is unmatched in the area.  Aspire is the place to go for personal training."

- Glenn M

A Unique Personal Training Experience

216-765-1234  •  info@aspirefitnessstudios.com  •  3355 RICHMOND ROAD  •  SUITE 181  •  BEACHWOOD, OH 44122

216-765-1234  •  info@aspirefitnessstudios.com
3355 RICHMOND ROAD  •  SUITE 181  •  BEACHWOOD, OH 44122